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Contraband Detector is a light-weight portable device which can detect the presence of the hidden materials in the concealed areas.
The operation of the instrument is based on detecting of back scattered radiation from a built-in 133Ba source while moving the across the investigated object. The back scattered radiation is detected by a highly sensitive CsI scintillation detector.

The back scattering from the filled hollow space (such as contraband drug or guns in the car tires) reflects the gamma rays differently from non-filled space (such as air-filled tire) or solid material (such as piece of thick rubber). It can easily detect the density changes and alert of the presence of contraband through visual, audible and vibration alarms.

In spite of the fact that it has a built-in radioactive source, there is no danger to an operator. The source is properly shielded and gamma rays are emitted only in the direction of the inspected object.

It is also able to detect gamma radiation from radioactive and nuclear materials and can be used as an additional Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) at customs checkpoints for preventing illicit trafficking of the radioactive and nuclear materials.

Project Details




Build-in radiation source Ba133
Source activity, not more 1000 kBq
Dose equivalent rate on the PM1401T radioactive source shielding surface, no more 1 μSv/h on the PM1401T handle surface, no more 0.2 μSv/h at a distance of 0.1 m from the PM1401T surface in working state along radiation emitting direction, no more 0.2 μSv/h
Scanning depth up to 30 cm
Dimensions 185 x 100 x 130 mm (7¼'' x 4'' x 5'')
Weight up to 1400 g (49.4 oz)
Temperature -30 up to +50 °C ( -22 up to +122 °F)
Humidity up to 95% at 35°C (95°F)