Product Detail


Quick Overview

SGS electronics Design Deep search metal / mine detector, which detect small and
big metallic objects like detonator, mine, fusses, hand guard etc.
It’s detects ferrous and non-ferrous like M.S, steel, gold, copper, silver, aluminum etc.
hidden in underground, under water and under wood etc.


It works pulse Induction Technology which is very use full for detect
underground/water/wood etc. It works on very low frequency, no harmful
for operator, heart pacemaker and pregnant women. Operating system is
very easy or user friendly auto calibration.


Effective detection of all metal and minimum metal contents targets.
Accurate Pin Pointing of the target position indicated by Acoustic Modulation.
High discrimination Capability For adjacent targets.
Automatic Compensation for Mineralized and high natural metal content soil.
Long lasting battery life.
Extreme high level of electrical and mechanical reliability.

Special Features

Micro Processor BASED.
Detection range Up to 6 Feet.
Power source rechargeable/ dry battery
Calibration auto.
Calibration time 5 To 10 sec.
External Battery Charger.
Long Battery operation 25 Hrs.
Solder strap and Belt mounted.
Heavy duty milgrade Connector and switches

Project Details




Principle Pulse Induction
Handle Telescopic adjustable
Control unit Light Weight 1.5 Kg
Dimension 180X125X50mm.
Search Coil Circular 11“
Operational weight 3 Kg
Indication System On, Low Battery , battery charging and detection
Audio Buzzer and Earphone
LED Visual LED
Carrying case Canvas bag and suitcase for transportation
Detection Ferrous and Non–ferrous
Sensitivity Adjustable Volume adjustable
Operating temperature -10°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to 65°C
Humidity 95%
Unique Features in Model SGS-MD500Adv. :
Special feature with Multiple search coil