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MASTER KING CORPS has emerged as a highly reliable Manufacturer & Supplier of Hand Held Metal Detector (MKC-H-7). The company offers a feature-studded range of the Hand Held Metal Detectors at the best prices. The Hand Held Metal Detectors have a long service life and the company ensures the timely deliveries with maximum safety.

General Features
 o Designed for low enforcement security & policing
 o Detect all Metals both ferrous and non-ferrous
 o Auto balancing with push button operation
 o Highly sensitive & auto tune to every application
 o Working Temperature : -10oC to +50oC (0-95%HR)

Project Details



Detection : Detects all metals , both ferrous and non-ferrous

Detection Range: Minimum Pin from 1" distance.

o Solid Red LED : AL - target detected
o Solid Green LED : Pw - power on
o Solid Yellow LED : BT - low battery indicator

Alarm Signal
o Sound Mode : Buzzer with red LED
o Vibration Mode : Vibrator with red LED

Control (3 Way Switch)
o Forward position : V- vibration on
o Center position : O - power off
o Back position : S - sound on

Material : Non-Breakable / Scratch Proof ABS Material

o Rechargeable 1.2volt x 4 600mAh "AAA"
o Eveready Ni-MH battery or 9 volt 170 m Ah
o Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
o Battery Back-up : 40 hours

o Battery Back-up : 40 hours
o Weight : 290g
o Length : 14.76”(375) mm
o Width : 3.03” (77) mm
o Thickness : 1.37” (35 mm)

Operating Temp :-15 to +45 degrees centigrade