Product Detail


Quick Overview

The Non- Linear junction Detector LORNET is used for counter surveillance search works in premises, transport and outdoors. Its is Designed to find specialized covert surveillance equipment containing semi-conductor components. LORNET has a built in automatic frequency selection system and it can tune away from the narrow-band interface automatically (Selecting a 2nd harmonic receiving channel with the minimum noise level)

Main Competitive Advantage

1.Light Weight and compact size
2.Easy to use
3.Both pulse and CW operation mode
4.Automatic and manual modes of the probing signals power control
5.Use of advance technologies and Material, ergonomic design
6.High detection capability
7.It is possible to listen to the envelope detector output as well as to the level of the received signal of 2nd to 3rd harmonic via a built in a loudspeaker and wireless head phones
8.It is possible to operate in hard to find places and under limited space conditions


1.LORNET with a built-in- Li-on battery
2.Wireless accessories(a receiver and headphones)
3.Power adapter
4.Transport Box to keep and transport the device easily

Project Details




Probing signal type Pulse , CW
Avg Power Pulse/CW <4W-0.3W
Sensitivity <-150 dbm given a 10db signal to noise ratio
Probing Signal frequency range 890-891 Mhz
Receiving frequency 1780-1782 Mhz & 2670-2673
Operation time with a built-in battery (pulse/CW) 3.5h / 1.5h
Transportation/ operational dimension (570x220x120)mm / (1000x150x40)mm
Weight Less than 1.0 kg
Optimum operating Temperature Ambient temperature of 5 deg c to 40 deg C , capable of working in temperature between -5 deg to 50 deg C