Product Detail

SPEED RADAR GUN (With printer)

Quick Overview

For traffic speed supervision and control, by technologies of SCM, Microwave and
Programming and filtering, with advantages of multi function, and easy to carry and


Both Moving and Stationary Version,
Far distance effect, High accuracy,
Mini-printer built inside, convenient to output the record,
Autocratic sell test,
Pre-enacted speed restriction,
Over speed alarm,
Lock and recall,
Automatic calendar and clock,
Compact Size, Light weight, Few Key
Optional Special Tripod

Project Details




Transmitting frequency 35GHz
Weight 1.3 Kg
Target speed Measuring STA mode 20 – 180km/h; MOV mode 20 – 220km/h
MOV Max effective distance STA mode >600m
To middle or small vehicle MOV mode (parallel) >200m; MOV mode (opposite) >300m
Speed measuring tolerance STA mode < 1km/h; MOV mode < 2km/h
Power supply 11V – 16V
Operation environment temp -20 deg C – 50 deg C
Size 240 mm long, 70mm wide