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Quick Overview

The EOD manipulator / Telescopic manipulator
Remote handling tool designed particularly for use in
IED operations.

The equipment feature three box section boom which
Can be extended to an overall length of 3 to 4.5 meter
(Custom length also available)

Battery powered Robotic Head enables the bomb
Technician to manipulate or pick up a suspected
Device or IED with a mass upto 10kg.

The rod having a feature of extended like telescope
With adjustable wheeled bipod, control console, ballistic
Shield to Protects hands and console and variable
Counter weight.

A high Power light can be attached at the boom.
The camera capture will give all the details while working
With the unidentified object.

The Equipment is Equipped with electronics claw, with adjustable orientation and variable claw speed
When grasping or gripping and releasing a suspected object.

The Telescopic is having a hand / ballistic Shield and BREAK AWAY
Tip so as to avoid injury to operator in case of accidental detonation.

The equipment is equipped with strong adjustable shoulder strap with foam pad of VELCRO so as to enable easy handling and carriage.

The SMPS Battery charger is suitable for charging lead acid battery pack.
It’s also work on 220 to 270 AC Voltage.

Project Details




Shape Rectangular / Circular
Size 20cmx20cm to 50cmx40cm
Fragmentation Protection 700 m/s
Weight Of counter Weight Not more than 18 Kg
Maximum Opening Of Claw 22cms
Weight Of equipment Not more than 18 Kg
Minimum stand-off distance 4 Meters
Special feature with Multiple claw